Calibration Service

We provide Calibration services for most types of electronic test instruments over a broad range of applications including electrical, airflow, medical, temperature, humidity, light (lux) and pressure. We offer two levels of instrument calibration service through our in-house IANZ accredited calibration laboratory, endorsed and traceable:

  1. IANZ/ILAC MRA (ISO/IEC 17025: 2005) Endorsed Calibration Traceable to a National Standard. Our laboratory performs a thorough check of all functions and ranges of the client’s instrument against Traceable National Standards and issues a report detailing the results, including uncertainty estimates, according to the stringent compliance requirements of ISO 17025 and Guide M3003.

  2. Non-endorsed Traceable Calibration – Our laboratory checks the instruments performance against Traceable National Standards, and issues a report detailing the results. A measurement uncertainty estimate is also included.

    The types of instruments for which we offer calibration services include:

    Instrument type IANZ endorsed Traceable
    AC Power Quality Loggers/Analysers Yes Yes
    Anemometers (vane, pitot & hotwire) Yes Yes
    Balometers Yes
    Data Loggers Yes Yes
    Electrical Safety Gloves (AS2225-1994) Yes
    Electrical Safety Testers (PAT, leakage, RCD, insulation, earth bond & flash test) Yes
    Function Generators Yes Yes
    Humidity RH Meters & Thermohygrographs Yes
    Lux Meters Yes
    Manometers & Barometers (digital & liquid incline) Yes Yes
    Medical Air Samplers Yes Yes
    Medical Test Equipment Yes
    Multi-Meters and Clamp-Meters Yes Yes
    Optical Tachometers & Stroboscopes Yes Yes
    Oscilloscopes Yes
    Pitot Tubes – Standard & Type-S Yes Yes
    Process Calibrators Yes Yes
    Refractometers Yes
    Rotameters (Gas) Yes
    Sample Pumps (Gas) Yes
    Thermometers (Digital) Yes Yes
    Thermostats Immersion Yes Yes

Why choose TechRentals® as your calibration provider?

  • A wealth of experience in a wide range of test equipment. TechRentals® calibration service arguably offers the widest range of tests of any calibration laboratory in NZ.
  • Experienced in efficient and cost effective shipment of equipment to overseas service and calibration providers when required. We can look after the entire logistics process, saving you time and money.
  • Automatic reminders, either by email or post, give you timely warning of upcoming recalibration dates for your equipment. Included with this reminder is the option to pre-book your calibration, thus ensuring the quickest turnaround.
  • Calibration Reports can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your quality system and utilisation of the equipment.
  • A one-stop calibration service. Most equipment is calibrated by our in house laboratory, but we can manage the external calibration process when required.
  • In many instances, we able to rent you a replacement instrument while your equipment is being calibrated or repaired.

For further information on calibration, contact our Calibration Manager, Mauray Ganter at or by phone on (09) 589 2039.

New Zealand Accredited Laboratory

International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) is a signatory to the (ILAC MRA) International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement. The ILAC MRA signatories agree to accept calibration reports from laboratories using (ISO/IEC 17025: 2005) and are able to be recognised internationally.

Equipment calibration
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