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Dranetz-BMI Power Xplorer PX5

Product code – DRA,PX5

The Dranetx PX5 Power Quality Analyser has been replaced.
Please refer to CHQ PQ45

Onsite analysis and data capture instrument for three phase Power Quality Analysis. The four differential voltage and current channels can also be used independently and are suitable for both AC and DC Power Quality measurements.

Typical applications include:

  • Real-time metering of voltage, current, power, demand, energy, power factor, harmonics (THD and individual up to 63rd), flicker, crest factor, K factor, load imbalance
  • Real-time compliance monitoring using standards including IEEE1459, IEC6100-4-15, IEC6100-4-30 class A and EN50160
  • Real-time scope and phasor diagrams
  • Recording inrush and dynamic loading

Sustained load profiling at intervals as fine as 1 second and sampled at 256 samples per cycle per channel. Event capture, triggered by voltage or current disturbance, sampling at 1MHz to capture even high speed transients. Waveform capture user-defined by duration and pre-event & post-event loading.

  • Input Channels: 4 voltage, 1-600Vrms (isolated), 4 current 0 to 6,000A RMS (CT dependant), DC or 45-65Hz
  • Supplied with 4 3,000A Rogowski flexible CTs and 4 pairs of voltage leads (banana and alligator clamps)
  • Battery or mains powered
  • All configuration is performed through the main screen
  • Data is recorded to flash memory and transferred to PC for further analysis and report writing
  • Software and flashcard reader provided

Dranetz-BMI Power Xplorer PX5
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