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Fluke 43B Power Quality Analyser

Product code – FLU,43

Combination single-phase power quality analyser, multimeter and scope. Monitoring functions help track intermittent problems and power system performance. 20 measurement memories to save/recall screens and data with cursor readings.

  • Power quality analyser: trends voltage, current, frequency and records two selectable parameters for up to 16 days. Trends power harmonics and captures voltage sags, transients and inrush current.
  • Multimeter: measures voltage, current, resistance, diode voltage drop, continuity and capacitance.
  • Scope: displays voltage and current waveforms.
  • Sampling rate: 25Ms/s. Voltage channel 20 MHz bandwidth, current channel 15 kHz. 5mV to 500V/division vertical sensitivity.
  • Measures dc, ac+dc, peak, peak-peak, frequency, duty cycle, phase, pulse width and crest factor.
  • Software for downloading data and analysis.

Fluke 43B Power Quality Analyser
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