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Testo 350XL Portable Flue Gas Analyser

Product code – TES.350XL

Portable Flue Gas Analyser. Measures O2, CO, CO2 [Measured by NDIR], NO, NO2, (NOx), and SO2 concentrations plus draught, temperature, excess air, and gross/net efficiency values.

  • Ranges: O2 0-25% vol, CO2 0-50% vol, CO with H2 compensation 0-10,000 ppm with measuring-range extension and selectable dilution factor, NO 0-3,000 ppm, NO2 0-500 ppm, SO2 0-5,000 ppm, draught 50 hPa, temperature -40 to +1,000 deg C
  • Includes switch-off and rinse function for CO cell and fresh air rinse for longer term measurements
  • Internal memory for 250,000 readings, with RS232C interface and software provided
  • Operation from mains or rechargeable battery.

Testo 350XL Portable Flue Gas Analyser

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