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Ultra Probe UP100KT Ultrasonic Leakage Detector

Product code – ULT,UP100KT

This model has been replaced.
Please refer to UES.UP3000

Hand held pistol type with stainless steel sensor enclosure. Kit includes contact stethoscope module with different wave guide extension rods for direct for use on pipes, bearing housings, steam traps, etc. Rubber focusing probes, warble tone generator for determining leaks in seals of empty containers, etc. Now with industrial noise attenuating headphones for noisy industrial applications.

  • Frequency reponse 20~100kHz, (centred at 28~42kHz)
  • 10 segment LED bargraph (red)
  • Sensitivity 8 precision attenuation
  • Response time 300ms
  • Operating temperature range 0~500°C

Ultra Probe UP100KT Ultrasonic Leakage Detector
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