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Testo 635-2 Humidity, Temperature & Dew Point Meter

Product code – TES.635-2

Testo 635-2 Humidity & Temperature meter, with calculated channels and logging. Calculating channels include Dew Point, Delta temperature and Psychometric temperature. 10,000 point logging capacity for spot readings and/or automated reading at intervals from 1s to 24hr. Thermocouple input. USB interface, cable and software for downloading. Battery Operated.

  • Suplied with 0636 2161 Probe
  • 12mm diameter, 300 long, designed for high temperature readings and/or equilibrium moisture in bulk materials
  • Temperature range: -20° to 125°C, Resolution: 0.1°C, Accuracy ±0.2°C (-10 to +50 otherwise ±0.5°C)
  • Humidity range: 0 to 100% RH, Resolution: 0.1% RH, Accuracy: ±2% RH at 25°C (2 to 98%)

Testo 635-2 Humidity, Temperature & Dew Point Meter
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