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Megger DLRO600 Digital MicroOhm Meter- High current

Product code – MEG,DLRO600

Measures resistance between 0.1μΩ & 1Ω at high currents. Provides test currents from 10A-600A subject to the load resistance and supply voltage. Backlit LCD shows information needed to perform a test; all test parameters and measurement results.

  • Range: 0.1μΩ-999.9mΩ [subject to supply voltage and load resistance]
  • Accuracy: voltage ±0.5%, ±0.1mV, current ±0.5%, ±0.1A
  • Resistance: better than 1% 100μΩ-100mΩ
  • Power supply for full output: 207-265V 50/60Hz with a load less than 7mΩ including current leads [i.e. standard 5m 50mm² current leads only, 4mΩ load]. Reduced output: down to 100V 50/60Hz
  • Test current range 10A-600A unsmoothed DC in 1A steps, accuracy ±2%, ±2A
  • Test modes manual, auto,continuous
  • Test time 7s NORMAL /AUTO mode. Refreshed every 2s in CONTINUOUS mode
  • Voltmeter input impedance >200kΩ
  • Data transfer real time or batch download via RS232 using AVO Download Manager
  • Storage capacity 300 result sets

Megger DLRO600 Digital MicroOhm Meter- High current
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