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EMC2063 Weight Processor and Load Cell

Product code – EMC.2063

A self contained weight (or force) measuring system with selection of loadcells. Typical uses include the weighing of product (in suspended hopper), measuring the force (tensile or compressive) to cause product failure, measuring tensile force resulting from wind or traffic loading. Supplied and configured with your choice of loadcell. * Instantaneous display, peak hold and totaliser
* Zero and tare adjustment
* 14mm LED main display (legible from 6m distance)
* 7mm LED sub display for secondary functions
* 100Hz scanning frequency
* Mains or battery powered
* 0-20mA analogue output for connection to data logger (supplied separately)
* Housed in weather resistant enclosure (including battery and logger)

Cells available
* Compressive button cell: 5000kg
* S-type compressive/tensile cells with eyebolts: 100kg, 1000kg, 5000kg, 10000kg

EMC2063 Weight Processor and Load Cell
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