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Casella Microtherm Heat Stress Monitor

Product code – CAS.MICROTHERM

Portable area heat stress WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) monitor with real-time graphical display. Measures heat stress potential [WBGT index] according to ISO7243. PRTD sensors with internal calibration-reference for wet-bulb, dry-bulb and globe temperatures. Large LCD display for numerical or graphical indication of temperatures and processed values for WBGT [indoor/outdoor plus TWA], relative humidity and dewpoint.

  • Data logging for up to 32 separate runs and 49,100 records.
  • Data logging intervals: 30sec to 1 hour.
  • RS232C port with included PC software for download and reporting or realtime display.
  • Low water-level warning and settable audible/visible WBGT alarm.
  • Handheld, free-standing or tripod-mount.
  • Battery operated

Casella Microtherm Heat Stress Monitor
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