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Metrel MI 3017 Multifunction Installation Tester

Product code – MET.MI3017

This Installation Tester has been replaced. Please refer to MET.MI3102BT

Measures and tests with fixed parameters set to AS/NZS3017, then provides a pass/fail indication. This Metrel 3017 is the only tester available with these standards in-built. Also offers a range of auto-sequencing tests for fast testing and certifying. All AS/NZS3000 mandatory tests can be completed including: Voltage, Visual Inspections, Earth Continuity & Resistance, Insulation resistance, Polarity, Correct Circuit Connections, Fault Loop Impedance and RCD Verification tests.

  • Line Voltage: 0-550V
  • Frequency: 0-999.99Hz
  • Phase Rotation: AC 100V - 550V, 14Hz – 500Hz
  • Line Impedance: 0 – 19.9 Ohm
  • Earth Resistance (2 & 3 wire method): 0 – 9999 Ohm
  • RCD Test: 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 200mA, 500mA, 1000mA, x1/2, x1, x2, x5, 0° and 180°
  • Stores 4000 test results
  • InstalLink software supplied for printing Safety and Compliance Test Reports

Metrel MI 3017 Multifunction Installation Tester
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