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Omicron CMC356 Advanced Relay Test Set

Product code – OMI.CMC356

Protection Relay Test Set. Also useful for commissioning new substations and as a power system simulator.

  • Six current sources (6 x 32A/430VA, 3 x 64A/860VA or 1 x 128A/1000VA)
  • Four voltage outputs (4 x 300V or 1 x 600V)
  • 10 x multifunctional binary inputs
  • Generator Combination Cable for wiring convenience
  • Six current and four voltage output channels are continuously and independently adjustable in amplitude, phase and frequency
  • Advanced Protection Test Software included for loading to your PC prior to use

The test modules included are: Control Centre package, Quick CMC, Transplay, Harmonics generator, Sequencer, Ramping, Pulse Ramping, Overcurrent, Advanced Distance, Differential, Advanced Differential, VI starting, Synchronizer, Transient Ground Fault, Advanced Transplay, and Annunciation Checker. Aux DC set, CB simulation utility and CPOL polarity test utility also included.

Hardware options included are: ELT, Net 1 communications, CPOL polarity detector, Generator combination cable and standard connection accessory kit.

Omicron CMC356 Advanced Relay Test Set

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