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Wohler VIS340 Pan & Tilt Inspection Camera

Product code – WOH.VIS340

Wohler 340 video camera is a fully integrated and self-contained portable push-rod inspection camera system for the internal inspection of pipes, ducts, chimneys, drains, voids, inside/behind walls etc. Includes video display, distance marking, video recording, and a choice of two colour cameras.

  • Camera 1: Ø40mm 120° field of view. Operated remotely from the control unit, the camera will pan 180° and rotate 360°. 12 LEDs for illumination in dark environments. IP67 rated
  • Camera 2: Ø25mm Views straight ahead and will not tilt or pan, but at 25mm will access spaces more confined than the first camera, and is IP68 rated. 120° field of view and LEDs for illumination in dark environments.
  • Screen: Flip up 7” (178mm) LCD: allows for optimal viewing. Can also be removed altogether as it has 2m of cable attached to the control unit.
  • Pushrod: 30m flexible pushrod is coiled within unit. Accepts either camera, navigates multiple bends in pipework, and distance extended is displayed on-screen to allow mapping position of points of interest.
  • Controller: Simple seven-button controller allow user to pan & tilt camera, and record & review video.
  • Video: 2GB removable SD card allows up to 2.5hrs of video to be captured and analysed.
  • Power: DC powered through AC adapter plus two 45min NiMH batteries offering 1.5hrs of inspection between charges.

Wohler VIS340 Pan & Tilt Inspection Camera

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