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Hioki FT3424 Digital Illuminance (Lux) Meter

Product code – HIO.FT3424

Hioki FT3424 digital illuminance (lux) meter. Five measurement bands cover ranges 0.00lx through to 200,000lx for applications including emergency lighting, task lighting and the most demanding industrial applications. Now with LED lighting compatibility.

  • Response time in autorange mode 5 sec [2 sec in manual range mode]
  • Hold and backlight function
  • Connecting-cable to allow separation of sensor unit and meter
  • Timer (5 to 60s) for taking delayed readings in low light
  • Memory for 99 illuminance samples, downloadable to PC
  • Analogue output of 2V full-scale per range allows coupling to a data logger for fully automated surveys
  • Couple to a PC for more sophisticated real-time surveys
  • Battery powered (up to 300hrs) and provision for long term USB power
  • Tripod mountable with standard ¼” thread
  • Traceable calibration

Hioki FT3424 Digital Illuminance (Lux) Meter

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