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Rion NL-52EX Class 1 Sound Level Meter

Product code – RIO.NL-52EX

Rion NL-52 Precision integrating sound level meter with Extended functionality. IEC type 1 (class 1) specification and NATA/IANZ calibration.

  • Frequency range: 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Weightings: A, C, & Z
  • Time weighting: fast & slow.
  • Measurement ranges: A-weighting 25 to 138dB, C-weighting 33 to 138dB, Z-weighting 38 to 138dB. Peak sound level 141dB
  • Measurement functions include: instantaneous sound level pressure (Lp), equivalent continuous sound pressure level (Leq), sound exposure level (Le), maximum & minimum (Lmax/Lmin), percentile sound pressure level (Ln) [up to 5 values].
  • Additional functions including Lceq, Lcpeak, Lzpeak, Laieq, Laimax, Latm5 etc
  • LCD touch screen (3”) for set-up and graphical display of results.
  • Manual or auto storage to internal memory or to SD card
  • Delay time: Specified start time after start button pushed or on user trigger point exceeded
  • Built-in help system
  • Alkaline batteries (24h operation)
  • Supplied with Pulsar 105 field calibrator

Rion NL-52EX Class 1 Sound Level Meter

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