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Casella dBadge2 Personal Sound Exposure (Dose) Meter Kit (Set of 3)

Product code – CAS.CEL350ISKIT

Kit of 3 intrinsically safe, dBadge2 noise dosimeters for measuring personal workplace noise exposure. Pin or clip to the shoulders of the people being measured. Ideal for OH&S surveys.

  • Operating range: 65 to 140 dB
  • Built-in display provides status information and key measurement data
  • Visual “LED light” alarm when exposure levels are exceeded
  • Time history of noise is logged in 1 minute values of average exposure and peak value
  • Come s with Class 2 Calibrator for auto-calibration prior to use
  • Keypad can be locked prior to attaching to the shoulder
  • Insight software supplied for graphical display and analysis of noise history, and automatic report generation
  • Crocodile clips and pins supplied
  • Battery Powered, 28 hour life

Also available is the dBadge2PRO Kit, which has the following additional features:

  • Audio recording
  • Octave Band Frequency Analysis

Casella dBadge2 Personal Sound Exposure (Dose) Meter Kit (Set of 3)

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