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Krautkramer DynaPocket Rebound Hardness Tester

Product code – KRA.DYNAPOCKET

Based on the Leebs method HL, utilising a 3mm tungsten carbide ball. Other hardness scales can be selected, HS Shore, HB Brinell, HRB Rockwell B, HRC Rockwell C, HV Vickers and N/mm2 tensile strength. Choice of nine material groups can be selected:

  • St Low-alloy/unalloyed steel and cast steel
  • ASt Tool steel
  • SSt Corrosion resistant steel
  • GCI Gray cast iron
  • NCI Nodular graphite cast iron
  • AL Aluminium cast alloys
  • brS Brass
  • brZ Bronze
  • Cu Wrought copper alloys

Krautkramer DynaPocket Rebound Hardness Tester
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