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CScope MXL4-MXT4 Cable and Pipe Locator

Product code – CSC,MXL4-MXT4

Cable location tool. Traces path of energised cables, conductive pipe or cable and in "radio mode" searches for re-radiated signals, common in underground services. Four detection modes; Power, Radio, Generator and Allscan. Features a Dynamic Swing Sensor to aid in cable and pipe location. Simultaneous dual 33+131 kHz frequency will assist in the detection of smaller buried pipes and cables such as telecoms, cast iron and street lighting spurs. Lower frequencies aid location of correct cable in areas where cables are co-located.

  • Multi-frequency generator with 6 signal outputs:, 512Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz , 33kHz , 131kHz, simultaneous 33+131kHz
  • Transmitter: operates with direct connection, tongs or induction
  • Can determine depth of cable: up to 2m in radio mode, other modes up to 3m
  • Radio detection mode: 33kHz sondes
  • Alarm indicates shallow cables (under 300mm)
  • Direct connection current feature aids in locating correct pipe
  • Automatic daily self-test to confirm working condition

CScope MXL4-MXT4 Cable and Pipe Locator

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