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CHK PQ45 3-Phase Power Quality Analyser

Product code – CHK.PQ45

Weatherproof IP66 Cat IV 600V field unit that provides load-logging and fault finding through event capture. Configure the unit using the software provided, take it to site and it will log for as long as required. Powered from the monitored voltage. The tablet supplied enables the unit to be configured on site and data reviewed real-time. Can be configured to start on power up or at a predetermined time. Includes 4G comms so the unit can be interrogated while in-situ, data downloaded and instrument reprogrammed remotely.

  • Channels 4 voltage, 63~600V (isolated). 4 current 0 to 3kA (3ph and neutral) RM
  • Supplied with 4 dual range (500A or 3000A), flexible clamp-on CT's (length 600mm and diameter 190mm)
  • Clamp-on CT's of 100A and 200A also available
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Colour LCD display, 480 x 272 Graphic TFT
  • Built-in GPS
  • 2 probes supplied to monitor temperature, range: -50℃ to 150℃
  • Records: V, A, pf, f(Hz), kVA, kVAr, kW, harmonics, Inter harmonics, voltage and current imbalance (THD and individual to 50th), Flicker, total energy, tariffs, maximum demands, and transient and sub-cycle disturbances
  • Monitors mains signalling (Ripple amplitude) and IEC events (sags, swells, dips, interruptions, RVC)
  • Records DC voltages and also DC currents with DC clamps (separately available)
  • A PC is required with the CHK Citrus software (supplied) to configure this unit before operating.
  • Download data, clear memory and configure the device with no interruption to logging
  • Graphical display of logged data with ability to drill down as required. Export data to Excel or generate pdf reports

CHK PQ45 3-Phase Power Quality Analyser
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