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Metrel A 1532 Electric Charging Station Test Adapter

Product code – MET.A1532EVSE

Testing live EV Charge Point and connection cables with this new EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) adapter from Metrel made easy by simulating a vehicle connected to the charging station. Performs Voltage, Loop Impedance, PFC & RCD Tests externally. The A1532 is an extender for interfacing EVSE to test socket of installation tester for verification of electrical safety and functional testing. It is intended for testing Mode 3 EV supply equipment with type 2 (default) and type 1 (adapter) connectors. A1532 ESVE adapter is special accessory intended for using with METREL installation testers.

  • Banana socket outputs for connection to 3-phase installation tester
  • Voltage on EVSE output indicators
  • Proximity Pilot (PP) resistance (current code) selector for simulation of EV cable presence and current rating detection. PP simulation: open, 13 A, 20 A, 32 A, 63 A
  • Control Pilot (CP) resistance selector for simulation of electric vehicle status. CP simulation: states A (not connected), B (connected; not charging) ,C (charging w/o ventilation), D (charging w/ ventilation) ,E (error - CP short to PE via diode)
  • Socket output for connection to single-phase installation tester (Phase 1, Neutral, PE)
  • 6 mA EV RCD support
  • Input voltage 400 V (3-phase); Frequency 50 Hz
  • Test Current 13A; Maximum 267 A (10ms) intermittent operation
  • Protection classification: double insulation; Protection degree IP 40
  • Overvoltage category 300 V CAT II
  • Standards applied (Safety: EN/IEC 61010-1 & Functionality: EN/IEC 61851-1)

Metrel A 1532 Electric Charging Station Test Adapter
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