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Megger BVM300 Battery Voltage Monitor

Product code – MEG.BVM300

Optional extra for Megger (Programma) Torkel Battery Load Units

Battery voltage measurement device used in conjunction with a Torkel Battery Load Unit. 31 clamps supplied which enable testing of each battery cell individually, though up to 120 clamps can be supported in a single test. One BVM clamp for each battery connects to the next in a “daisy-chain” method. Automates battery voltage measurement during capacity tests using the Torkel software. Easy set-up and identification of faulty cell when the entire battery string fails the load testing.

  • Voltage ranges: 0-5 V DC and 0-20 V DC
  • Resolution: 1.00 mV both ranges
  • Accuracy: < 0.1% of full scale ±0.002VDC
  • Battery string voltage: 300 V DC (max)
  • Meet the test standards IEEE450, IEC896-1, IEEE 1188-1996 & IEC896-2

Megger BVM300 Battery Voltage Monitor
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