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Aeroqual Dust Sentry Outdoor Dust Monitor

Product code – AER.DUST-SENTRY

This Dust Monitor is specifically designed for outdoor use, to continuously measure dust and particulate. A SIM card is pre-installed so data is stored in the cloud, hence available in real-time. Also includes internal data storage for fail safe monitoring. Remotely configure and diagnose instrument via web browser interface. Potential applications include: construction and remediation sites, industrial perimeter/fenceline monitoring, brownfield developments, waste management and landfill sites, port and bulk handling terminals, EIA and Greenfield baseline studies, roadside monitoring etc.

  • Equipped with a PM10 filter (Other filters can be supplied if required)
  • Range: 0~60mg/m3
  • Accuracy: +/-2ug/m3 + 5% of reading
  • Lowest detection limit: <1ug/m3
  • Set email / SMS alerts to easily identify exceedances
  • AC power required

Weather station to measure wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity also available.

Aeroqual Dust Sentry Outdoor Dust Monitor

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