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Testo 300 Longlife Flue Gas Analyser

Product code – TES.300-LL

Portable industrial flue gas analyser for gas ,liquid and solid fuel burners. Provides a comprehensive analysis of the heating system. Logs data for analysis and reporting. Large scratch-resistant 5" HD display with smart-touch operation. Create professional reports by pre-loading Customer information then email with the data once the testing is complete.

Fuel options are natural gas, butane, propane, light oil, kerosene, heavy oil, coke, wood pellets, anthracite and coke.

  • Measures: O2, CO, CO2 and Temperature
  • O2: 0 to 21 vol.%
  • CO: 0 to 8000ppm (H2 compensated)
  • CO2: calculated from O2. Display range 0 to CO2 max.
  • Temperature: 1000°C maximum
  • Display instantaneous values, trending function as well as logging capability for up to 1 million data points
  • Supplied with 335mm probe
  • Bluetooth data transfer to Printer (supplied)
  • USB interface for data transfer to PC
  • Fully portable with LiIon battery

Testo 300 Longlife Flue Gas Analyser
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