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Hukseflux FTN02 Thermal Needle System

Product code – HUK.FTN02

Thermal needle measuring system for on-site measurements of thermal conductivity (or the inverse value, resistivity) from the surface down to a depth of 1.5 metre. After making a small-diameter access hole, the thermal needle TP09 is brought down to just above the point that must be investigated and then pushed into the local undisturbed soil below. The measurement result is generated immediately by the CRU02 from the analysis of the time series of the temperature and the heating power during the heating interval. For example it is an ideal solution for route-surveying of high-voltage electric power cables and heated pipelines (typical depth of burial of 1.5 m).

  • Small access hole: typically 30 mm in diameter is sufficient.
  • Typical measurement: requires around 60sec to get to thermal equilibrium plus 300sec for the actual heating interval
  • Measurement range: 0.1 to 6 W/(m·K) (all common soils) *Uncertainty (at 20 °C): +/- (6 % of reading + 0.04) W/(m•K)
  • Measurement method: absolute measurement per ASTM D5334-14 and IEEE Standard 442-1981(03)
  • Operating temperature range: from 0° to +50°C
  • Data storage: 50 measurements *Connect to PC via USB

Hukseflux FTN02 Thermal Needle System
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