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Novatech 1637-5 O2 and CO2 Analyser/Transmitter

Product code – NOV.1637-5

This Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyser is designed for testing the head-space in packaging atmosphere e.g in closed packages and cans. A hyperdermic needle (supplied) is used to pierce the packaging, and the device extracts a small sample to measure and display the readings.

  • Oxygen sensor: 1ppm to 100% with ±1% accuracy
  • NDIR carbon dioxide analysis: 0 to 100%
  • Response time: <4 sec for O2 and <8 sec for CO2, with gas flow of 100cc per minute
  • 2 x 4~20mA outputs
  • 1 common & 3 selectable alarm relays
  • Gas connection: 1/8 Swagelok
  • AC operation

Novatech 1637-5 O2 and CO2 Analyser/Transmitter
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