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Thermal Imaging Cameras

The value to be gained from a thermal survey can be significant, whether it's for commissioning preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, fault-finding, energy auditing, weatherproofing.

We believe the days of 'single spot' infrared temperature reading are numbered—a thermal imaging camera will collect up to 307,000 readings simultaneously, colour code them and present in one image. It does this nine times a second.

We also believe that quality pays off, and it is simple to see the difference between 'tried & trusted' thermal imaging camera models and some 'cheap alternatives' entering the market. Low resolution and fixed emissivity thermal imaging cameras will not give the results of a mid-range thermal imager and you could risk overlooking warning signs. Try our high spec Cameras Thermal Imaging Camera Rentals as a superior alternative.

Key features of our Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras, setting them apart from many on the market today, include

  • High Thermal Sensitivity (0.05°) allows detection of very fine temperature variations
  • Adjustable span (as low as 2°C) allows the spectrum of representative colours to be spread over just 2°C
  • High Resolution (from 76,800 to 307,000 sensors) reduces the 'averaging' a thermal imager must do. It ensures small heat sources are represented just as accurately as large areas. High resolution also gives outstanding clarity to images and reports for your assessment or to set you apart from the competition
  • Adjustable emissivity allows you to tune the instrument to the material to ensure the temperature you read is representative
  • IR Fusion gives you control of the blend of visual light and infrared energy
  • Fluke's SmartView software makes analysis and report generation powerful yet painless. It even allows you to alter almost every aspect of the image retrospectively—a life-saver for images that can't be repeated
  • Robust design and Fluke dependability and ease of use

Featured Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras:

Fluke Ti450 [Ti450]

  • High Sensitivity * High Resolution * Video enabled * Laser Targeting
  • Fluke's consistently high quality thermal cameras offers the specifications and features that will have broad appeal to those in the fields of
    Building Inspection
    Electical inspection
    Mechanical inspection
    Research & Development

  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 1200°C

  • Detector Type: 320x240 (76,800 sensors)
  • Video capture and video streaming
  • Laser targeting
  • Touch-screen navigation

  • Plus this model introduces three additional innovations

  • MultiSharp™ focus. With this feature Images are automatically focused throughout the field of view, even if you start from a blurry target. That's because the camera takes multiple images and combines them to give you clear, accurate focus on targets near and far. Simply point and shoot and you have a fully focused picture.

  • SuperResolution™ allowing the camera to capture multiple images and combine them to create a 640 x 480 image, 4 times the pixel data of native 320 x 240 images.

  • 2x and 4x digital zoom without the use of telephoto lens

Fluke Ti480 [Ti480]

  • All the benefits of the Ti450 but for the following

  • Temperature range: -20°C to 800°C

  • Detector Type: 640x480 (307,200 pixels)

  • SuperResolution: Like the Ti400 this feature captures multiple images and combines them to create an image with 4x the pixel data. However as the Ti480 starts from a base image of 640x480 (307,200 pixels) the SuperResolution image becomes 1,228,800 pixels

Fluke 4X Zoom Lens [4X Lens]

  • Capture images from greater distances away. Ideal for hard to reach, energized or unsafe areas.

  • Detect a spot approx. 25% of the size of a standard lens

Featured Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras:

Flir [E95]

  • High Sensitivity * High Resolution * High Sampling Rate * High Temperature Range
  • Equally useful for all applications as per above, What sets this model apart is the slightly larger screen, higher temperature (up to 1500°C) and high refresh rate of 30Hz (especially useful for capturing video or video streaming).

  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 1500°C

  • Detector Type: 464x348 (161,472 sensors)
  • High Refresh rate 30 Hz, especially useful for video capture and video streaming
  • Touch-screen navigation

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