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Additional Services when you Rent Test and Measurement Equipment

Have you ever experienced the frustration of knowing what you need to test or measure but are unsure of the instrument you need? Or know what you need but do not have access to it? These are common occurrences with many of our customers, especially if they are new to you, when a need arises.

The instrument is secondary. The number one priority is for us both to understand what you are trying to achieve with your hired test or measurement equipment and the environment in which you are working. Once this is clarified, instrument options, capabilities, advantages, specifications etc. are discussed.

At TechRentals, our trained Application Engineers answer the phones. After many years with TechRentals, and tens of thousands of varied Customer requirements, we know the questions to ask, the difficulties that may be experienced and other factors to consider. Coupled with our knowledge of the available instruments for rent we will work with you to find the solution for your particular requirement.

Another important Customer requirement is calibrated test and measurement instruments, to either satisfy their own or their Customers quality control procedures. Most TechRentals instruments are calibrated, and the calibration certificate accompanies the instrument. To this end TechRentals maintains its own Calibration Laboratory, and also calibrates most types of electrical, pressure, air-flow, temperature, medical and other electronic test equipment as a service for Customers.

Certain instruments can be configured in advance by the TechRentals team so when the rental equipment arrives it’s ready to go. Data that has been logged during the rental can also be downloaded and made available as an additional service.

Instruments are couriered nationwide, for next morning delivery to most locations, or available for collection from our Penrose location. If you collect the instrument one of our Application Engineers will run through how the instrument operates. Alternatively support by phone is available.

TechRentals offer a huge range of test and measurement equipment to rent, calibrated and configured to your requirements!

Call our Application Engineers on 0800 832 475 for fast, reliable service and advice