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Don't Buy, Rent Measuring Instruments. The Advantages of Renting Test and Measurement Instruments.

Renting test and measurement instruments is easy: You don’t need to do an awful lot of research, you just talk to the TechRentals experts, pick up the required instrument (or have it couriered nationwide for next day delivery) and hand it back when you are finished. And you only pay for the days you have the instrument.

What we often find is if a Company buys a test or measurement instrument it sits on the shelf a lot of the time. That’s not exactly the best use of business capital. What’s more when they do come to use it, they often find it’s out of calibration so isn’t available immediately anyway. We triage our instruments after every rental, calibrate our rental fleet regularly and perform routine maintenance, in accordance with recommendations given by the manufacturers. This provides confidence our instrument is ready to go the moment it arrives on site, and it comes with a copy of the calibration certificate.

Another situation where renting test and measurement instruments supersedes purchasing is when you are performing contract jobs. The instruments may have no use to you once the job is complete. When you rent the equipment you only need tay for the number of days you have the instrument, and you know exactly what to charge for providing it.

What’s more, if you provide details of your application, for many instruments we can set the instrument up in advance. So when it arrives on site its ready to go, minimising down-time. You may also require training for an instrument you have not used before. When you rent test and measurement equipment from TechRentals, you can be properly trained to use the instruments when you pick them up.

Should there be any problems while in use getting our Application Expert’s help is only a phone call away. And last but not least, if desired, TechRentals will download the recorded data and provide it in electronic form.

Finally rental payments are fully tax deductible, the accountants love this, and you have no ongoing costs for calibration and maintenance.

Take a look at our extensive range of test and measurement available for hire for a day, a week, a month or more!

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