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Measuring Air Flow and Air Quality

Whether it’s for OHS, resolving staff complaints, checking manufacturing procedures or simply making sure your workplace is safe we have the airflow meters and air quality equipment you will need. Hire it for only the period you need to complete your checks. Our trained Application Engineers can assist you select the right equipment for your specific needs. Check out our equipment below then call us on 0800 832 475.

Featured Products

TSI 9545A Hot Wire Anemometer

  • Simultaneously measures velocity, temperature & humidity; and calculates flow (with input duct dimensions), dewpoint and wet bulb temperature

  • Velocity 0 to 30m/s, Temperature –10 to 60°C

  • Probe length: 1016mm. Articulated section: 197mm

TSI 5725 Rotating Vane Anemometer

  • Handheld digital Ø100mm anemometer for air velocity and volumetric flow measurements

  • Velocity: 0.25 to 30m/s; Temperature 0 to 60°

  • Logs data

DPM TT550C Digital Manometer

  • Measures differential air pressure 0.06 to 5000Pa in three ranges

  • Kit also includes pitot (traditional and straight) and vane anemometer to measure air velocity

  • Especially suited to high velocity and/or high temperature applications

TSI 8530 DustTrak Airborne Particle Monitor

  • Portable dust monitor with real-time digital display and in-built logger

  • Useful for detecting potential problems with airborne contaminants e.g. dust, smoke, fumes and mist

  • Suitable for use in clean office settings, harsh industrial work places and outdoor applications

Our extensive range of products also includes:

Airflow DM2 Medium Pressure Manometer

  • Handheld unit, suitable for differential air pressure measurements up to 200kPa

Testo 420 Accubalance Balometers

  • Air flow hood measuring and balancing air volume through registers, diffusers and grills

Testo 635-2 Humidity, Temperature & Dewpoint Meter

  • Highly accurate portable meter with real-time digital display and in-built logger

TSI 7575 Q-Trak plus Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Logging

  • Portable monitor and logger of temperature, humidity, CO and CO2 concentrations

TSI 8535 Environmental Enclosure

  • For use with the TSI 8530 Air Quality Monitor when being used outdoors
Call our Application Engineers on 0800 832 475 for fast, reliable service and advice