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Air Quality Testing and Monitoring

  • Turning burners for maximum efficiency

  • Checking air quality is within acceptable limits for comfort and efficiency

  • Ensuring you stay safe in potentially hazardous environments

TechRentals carry the equipment to carry out the necessary air quality checks, such as Air Flow Meters and Air Quality Meters. We have new additions to our combustion analysis, air quality monitors and personal gas monitors to complement the existing ranges, and we continue to invest in new product.

Our Application Engineers can assist you select the instrument suited for your particular requirements.

Featured Air Quality Testing and Monitoring Products:

Testo 330 Portable Industrial Flue Gas Analyser

  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of the heating system

  • Measures O2, CO, Temperature and Pressure. Calculates CO2, efficiency and excess air

  • On screen instantaneous values, trending function as well as logging capability for up to 500,000 data points

Testo 350XL Portable Flue Gas / Combustion Analyser

  • Measures O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2 and SO2 concentrations, plus draught, temperature, excess air, and gross/net efficiency values

  • Internal memory for 250,000 readings, with RS232C interface and software provided

  • Operation from mains or rechargeable battery. (2-3 hrs on battery)

TSI 7575 Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Logging

  • Simultaneously measures temperature, humidity, CO, CO2 and barometric pressure

  • Calculates dew point, wet bulb and percentage outside air

  • Logging intervals from 1s to 1hr

  • 63,000 data point data logger

TSI 8530 DustTrak Airborne Particle Monitor

  • Detects potential problems with airborne contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes and mists

  • Real-time spot measurements or logging with user selectable start-stop times and recording intervals for continuous unattended monitoring

  • Particle size range: 0.1 to 10 micrometers, measurement range 0.001 to 400 mg/m³

  • 60,000 data points data logger with adjustable intervals from 1 sec to 1 hour

MX4 Ventis Personal Gas Monitor

  • Versatile multigas monitor, designed to test confined spaces prior to entry, and monitor whilst susceptible to hazardous environments

  • Four gas sensors fitted: O2, CO, H2S & LEL (combustible)

  • Alarms: Audible (95dB), visual (flashing display), vibrating with alarm limits set to Department of Labour * * *

  • Workplace Exposure Standards

  • Rugged impact resistant case and total weight 182g

Our Extensive Range of Air Quality Testing Products also Includes:

HalTech HFX205 Handheld Formaldehyde Meter/ Logger

  • Electrochemical sensor technology, range 0~5ppm with resolution of 0.01ppm and <30s response

Odalog NO2 & CO Area Monitor

  • Portable multi-gas monitor for area air-quality measurement [carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide] in car-parks, loading areas and related zones

MX4 Ventis Personal Gas Monitor and Sampling Pump

  • Combining the MX4 with sampling pump and 2m of hose. Designed to test remotely for the presence of hazardous gases prior to entry

MX4 Ventis Personal Slide-on Pump

  • Attach this slide-on pump to complete the pre-entry tests, then remove the pump and you have a personal gas monitor
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