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Energy Efficiency Testing Equipment

It is often said companies “lose” more money when they are profitable than when struggling. One way this occurs is that companies overlook checking systems are operating efficiently. Is this occurring in your company or do you have clients who would benefit from an energy audit? Whether it’s heat loss, poor operation of air conditioning or water cooling systems, or leaks, these all result in additional costs and often reduced equipment life. A cost-effective performance review can be carried out with specialised equipment, and if you don’t have the equipment, TechRentals can offer it for just the duration you need.

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Featured Energy Efficiency Testing Products:

Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras Ti450 and Ti480

Use infrared technology to highlight temperature variations in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Whether your requirement is for building envelope inspection, industrial process auditing or electrical surveys these high-end industrial quality cameras offer superior resolution and detect the fine temperature variations that an effective survey requires. Browse our Thermal Imaging Camera range today!

Hioki 3169 Power Quality Analyser

Single phase or three phase, the 3169 is designed to streamline energy audits. Monitor on the fly the current, power factor, demand, integrated consumption. Phase by phase. Use as a calibrated comparator for smart meters. Record baseline profiles. As a snapshot of optimum performance, or a snapshot by which improvements will be gauged.

Testo 330-2 LL Combustion Analyser

Testo have introduced the 330-2 with ease of use in mind when combustion tuning. Comprehensive analysis tools are at your fingertips, or use the simple optimisation tool to ensure your burner is running at peak efficiency. You’ve heard it before—if it isn’t, then someone’s investment is going up in smoke.

Testo 350XL Combustion/Flue Gas Analyser

The flagship of the Testo range of analysers, the 350XL has all the options for optimising your burn for greatest efficiency, even under the harshest conditions. Offers a greater range of measured gases, rinse function and sustained logging.

Tour & Andersson Scope Balancing Instrument

Tweaking a hydronic system to get the most effective heating or cooling is a fine art, made simple by the modules of the TA Scope. There are modules specifically for quick measurements, balancing, trouble-shooting and data logging.

Ultraprobe UP100KT Ultrasonic Leakage Detector

The UP100 senses high frequency (ultrasonic) noise, noise that is commonly produced where attention is required. Pressure and vacuum leaks are a primary cause of ultrasonic noise and there’s wasted effort pressurizing air and stream lines with holes! Bearings can also emit ultrasonic noise, so the ability to detect this will lead to more efficient machinery maintenance.

TSI 9545A Hotwire Anemometer

A hotwire anemometer can go places a bulky vane anemometer can not. Inserted through the side of a duct, it is non-obtrusive and allows you to measure air velocity, volumetric flow, and temperature within your air conditioning system.

Testo 420 Accubalance Balometer

A hood balometer measures the air volume through registers, diffusers and grilles. Balancing the system effectively allows you to run at peak efficiency.

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