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Light and Sound Level Meters

The “Ngara” is latest generation product from Acoustic Research Laboratories. It is a superb, feature-rich solution for environmental noise monitoring. Starting with a Class 1 meter and microphone, the noise level instrument will monitor and record acoustic readings 10x per second. It can also record raw sound files (.wav).

Storage is to USB flashdrives, these can be hot-swapped and we supply 2 x 64GB. The 12V battery will keep the system logging for up to three weeks. All the delicates are then housed in a rugged, waterproof pelican case. Padlocks and chain complete the solution for a standalone monitoring station. Typical applications include baseline, implementation and post installation surveys of wind farms, traffic noise, construction and demolition.

TechRentals also carries Personal Noise Dosimeters for personal noise exposure in the workplace, and Type 1 Sound Meters for spot metering.

Our light meters can check illuminance (Lux) levels in diverse applications including park lighting, security lighting, workplace lighting.

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Featured Sound Level Meters

ARL Ngara Environmental Noise Logger

  • Stand-alone Type 1 unit capturing Fast SPL-A, Fast SPLC, Leq-A and Leq-C.
  • Suited to unattended environmental noise monitoring for sustained periods
  • Measurement range: 20 to 120dB. Option to store raw audio data (48kHz)

ARL Firefly Acoustic Post Processing Software

  • View statistical data in a graphical format and compare multiple sessions simultaneously
  • Create statistics to the time and frequency weightings of your choice
  • Create 1/1 and 1/3 Octave statistics
  • Replay audio at a specific time of interest

Casella Personal Noise Dose Meter

  • Measures personal workplace noise exposure, including for OH&S surveys
  • Built-in set-ups to international standards, but also customisable
  • Includes software for analysis and report generation

Rion NL52EX Sound Level Meter

  • Precision handheld unit, ideal for spot metering
  • A-weighted, C-weighted, Z-weighted ranges
  • Measurement range: 25 to 138dB range, 20Hz to 20kHz.

Rion NL52EX-RT Sound Level Meter

  • Identical to the NL52EX plus 1/1 Octave and 1/3 Octave analysis

Featured Light Level Meters

Hioki FT3425 Digital Illuminance Meter

  • Measures light (lux) levels, inside and outside
  • 5 measuring ranges, up to 200,000 lux
  • LED/OLED light compatable
  • Mobile app, to record and email data, create reports (csv/pdf)

Hioki FT3424 Digital Illuminance Meter

  • Measures light (lux) levels, inside and outside
  • 5 measuring ranges, up to 200,000 lux
  • LED light compatable
  • Sampling and logging functions as well as analogue-out
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