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RF Testing Equipment

Is your RF System Performing?

We carry a range of RF test equipment to assist you to maximize RF performance or for fault finding. Through our exclusive distribution arrangement with TechRentals Australia we have access to a much wider range of RF equipment rentals.

Call our experienced Application Engineers on 0800 832 475 to discuss your specific need and we can recommend the right equipment for your application.

Featured RF System Testing Equipment

Anritsu S332D Colour Sitemaster incl. 3GHz Spectrum Analyser

  • Antenna and cable test set including Spectum Analyser
  • Frequency Range: 25MHz to 3GHz
  • Spectrum analysis range: 9kHz to 3GHz

Complementing these is the wide range of RF test equipment carried by TechRentals Australia. Some examples include:

Agilient 53151A CW Microwave Frequency Counter 26.5GHz

  • Fully featured 50MHz to 26.5GHz CW microwave counter and power meter

Anritsu S820D Microwave Sitemaster 25M to 20GHz

  • Microwave antenna and cable test set

AH Systems SAS-200/571 Antenna

  • Double ridge guide horn antenna. Frequency range: 700MHz to 18GHz

RadMan ESM-20 Personal Radiation Monitor for RF Fields

  • Personal Monitor and leakage detector for high frequency electromagnetic fields

Keysight N9344C Spectrum Analyser w Tracking Generator

  • Portable spectrum analyser 9kHz to 20GHz with 5MHz to 7GHz tracking generator

Keysight N9030A PXA Signal Analyser

  • Real-time spectrum analyser, 3Hz to 26.5G with built-in Pre-Aamp(+20dB) and Electronic Attenuator(24dB)
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