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Plant Equipment Failure Symptom Detection

Vibration, ultrasonic noise, and elevated temperatures are all symptoms of impending failure in plant. TechRentals carries the instrumentation to detect the symptoms and act upon them so you can maintain preventatively rather than remedially.

Vibration analysis is a very important preventative maintenance tool, offering early warning signs by detecting vibration in shafts, bearings or surfaces. The Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser measures displacement, velocity and acceleration in either Peak, RMS or Peak-to-Peak modes. Also when in FFT mode it is capable of displaying real-time frequency analysis.

Ultrasonic noise, noise of frequency undetectable to the human ear, can be the sign of failing parts or escaping gas. An ultrasonic leak detector such as the UltraProbe 100 assists the operator in pinpointing the source and taking appropriate measures.

Infrared detection, or thermal imaging, allows the operator to detect the infrared energy emitted from a part and interpret that as surface temperature. Thermal imagers such as the Fluke Ti480 employ 307,000 sensors, able to distinguish 0.05°C variances, and display this information on screen, refreshed nine times per second. As no physical contact is required, plant can be assessed under full load conditions where it may otherwise be dangerous or impractical.

Featured Products

Rion VA-12 Vibration Meter

  • Detects vibrations in shafts or bearings
  • Displacement: 0.02 to 40mm
  • Velocity: 0.2mm to 141mm/s
  • Acceleration: 0.02 to 141m/s²
  • FFT vibration frequency spectrum analyser
  • Data stored to SD card for later download and analysis

Ultraprobe UP100KT Ultrasonic Leakage Detector

  • Pressure and vacuum leaks are a primary cause of ultrasonic noise and there’s wasted effort pressurizing air and steam lines with holes!
  • Bearings can also emit ultrasonic noise, so the ability to detect this will lead to more efficient machinery maintenance
  • Supplied with concentrating cones for airborne noise, and contact probe for propagated noise

Fluke Ti480 Thermal Imager

  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 800°C makes this unit especially suited to industrial applications
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 0.05°C at 30°
  • Detector Type: 640*480 (307,200 sensors)
  • Selectable IR Fusion (blend of infrared energy and visual light)
  • Powerful analysis and report generation software

Our extensive range of rental equipment also includes

Fluke Ti400 and Ti450 Thermal Imagers

  • Temperature measurement range: -20°C to 1200°C.
  • Detector Type: 320x240 (76,800 sensors)

Fluke 572-2 Infrared Thermometer

  • Non-contact digital thermometer. Temperature range: -30°C to 900°C. Visible laser for targeting. Adjustable emissivity and calibrating surface probe

Leica Disto D8 Digital Laser Tape Measure

  • Straight line and trigonometrical measurement up to 200m with accuracy ±1mm and 360° inclinometer

EMC 2063 Weight Processor and Load Cells

  • A self-contained weight (or force) measuring system with selection of loadcells. Typical uses include the weighing of product (in suspended hopper), measuring the force (tensile or compressive) to cause product failure, measuring tensile force resulting from wind or traffic loading

Rion VM82 Vibration Meter

  • Detects vibrations in shafts or bearings. Displacement: 0.02 to 100mm
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