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Non Invasive Testing & Measurement Equipment

Non-invasive testing often involves fundamental measurements of distance, weight, vibration etc. Applications may include: metal thickness; concrete cover; coating thickness; surveying; subterranean detection; load measurement to name a few.

Following is a small selection of non invasive test equipment from our inventory you may find of interest. Of course if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call anyway, we may carry it, source it from Australia or add it to our inventory.

Feature Non-Invasive Equipment for Rent:

Panametrics 26MG Portable Thickness Gauge

  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge for metal and plastic
  • Thickness range: 0.5mm to 500mm. Resoluton: 0.01mm
  • Commonly used to determine erosion or corrosion

Proceq Profoscope Rebar Detector and Concrete Covermeter

  • Determines presence and direction of reinforcing bars to 180mm depth
  • Determines bar size
  • Measurement of concrete thickness above reinforcing bars

EMC 2063 Weight Processor & Load Cells

  • Self contained weight (load, force..) measuring system
  • Supplied with 100, 1000, 5000 and 10,000kg tensile and 5000kg compressive loadcells
  • Instantaneous display, peak hold and totaliser

Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser

  • Detects vibration in shafts, bearings or surfaces,
  • Also a FFT vibration frequency spectrum analyser
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance checks

Our extensive range on non-invasive testing equipment also includes:

Hilti PS1000 X-scan Concrete GPR system (Australia)

  • Provide a 3D image of the location of reinforcement bars and other metallic and non-metallic objects in concrete to a depth of 300mm

Krautkramer DynaPocket Rebound Hardness Tester

  • Small, compact rebound hardness tester mainly suitable for solid workpieces made of steel or cast materials

Testo 616 Contact Moisture Meter

  • Displays moisture content in % by weight in comparison to the dry mass of wood, screed, concrete, brick

Phynix Ferrous/Non Ferrous Coating Thickness Tester (Australia)

  • Precise thickness measurement of a wide variety of surface coatings e.g. paint, varnish, electroplated coatings etc

Leica Disto D8 Digital Laser Tape Measure with swivel and tripod

  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Measures up to 200m

Ultraprobe UP100KT Ultrasonic Sniffer

  • Hand held pistol type, frequency response 20-100kHz, with contact and non-contact probes

Kolectric EL35-2020 Concrete Covermeter

  • Functionally similar to the Profoscope, plus ultra-deep penetration to 360mm
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