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Anemometer Rental

For measuring air flow and air velocity, an anemometer is the perfect tool for the job. TechRentals® has a range of anemometers for hire, ideal for a range of applications from ventilation system inspections, air flow measurement and more.

There is a lot to learn about anemometers if you are not familiar with them. TechRentals® expert Applications Engineers take care of this hard work by using their experience and in-depth product knowledge to help you find the correct air conditioning balancing instruments for your air flow measurement requirements!

There are two main types of anemometers for rent from TechRentals®. Vane and hotwire anemometers have different applications primarily based on the space in which the air that you need to measure is in – confined or open space. Below is a breakdown, call us on 0800 832 475 for advice and product information tailored to your application.

Vane anemometers

Vane anemometers rely on air flowing through them to spin the vane proportionally to the velocity of the flow. They offer good averaging (damping) and can be used in sweep mode to determine average flow across a duct that may have varying velocity profile. Somewhat tolerant to turbulence compared to other forms of anemometer.

Vane anemometers are best for applications in an open environments such as wind speed, air conditioning outlets, air ducts and fume hoods. See the TSI 5725 for specific product information.

Hotwire anemometers

Hotwire anemometers use the cooling effect of air passing over a heated element. They monitor the power required to maintain the temperature of the element, and this is proportional to the air flow.

Hotwire anemometers are commonly used to insert perpendicularly into ducts, being ~7mm diameter they can be used where vane anemometers can not. With an articulated head they can also be inserted longitudinally into large ducts.

Hotwire anemometers calculate air flow (volumetric rate) given duct dimensions, and temperature. Because of their high-frequency response and fine spatial resolution, hot-wire anemometers are ideal for the detailed study of turbulent flows, or any flow in which rapid velocity fluctuations are of interest. They are well suited for accessing small openings or crevices such as engine compartments or small ventilating systems. See the TSI 9545A for specific product information.

Why Rent an Anemometer?

  • Expert advice on the product for your particular application with product training where required.
  • If you have changing needs you can rent the right product for the job or project for only the time required, from a single day to a year!
  • No ownership costs such as the expensive purchase price (and the possible need for multiple units to meet project requirements), time spent in inventory, insurance, maintenance and calibration costs and more!
  • Enjoy fully serviced and calibrated professional equipment at any time.

To enjoy the benefits of hiring an anemometer meter, call TechRentals today on 0800 832 475.

Call our Application Engineers on 0800 832 475 for fast, reliable service and advice