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Thermal Imagers

Accurate, hand-held, high spec thermal imagers to measure surface temperature are available to hire from TechRentals. Easy-to-use point and shoot devices that provide data on screen, in real time, or capture images and videos for later inspection. Use the software supplied to download the images to an easy to use template for report preparation.

Our thermal imagers are useful in a variety of settings and industries; from electrical inspections or surveys, mechanical inspections through to building inspections (heat loss, dampness etc.). Modern thermal imagers have a very high temperature range, typically from -20°C to 1200°C hence are suitable to operate in a variety of environments. Not only that but they have a low span, 2°C, so can pick up those fine temperature variations. Another very important feature is their ability to adjust the emissivity to suit the surface you are inspecting, ensuring the accuracy of the images captured..

Tech Rentals provides thermal imager hire/rent for as little as one day until as long as you need it. Collect from our Penrose location or we can courier overnight to almost all NZ locations. . Contact us today for more information.

Hire Thermal Imaging Camera

Why buy when you can rent? Rent thermal imaging cameras from Tech Rentals and avoid the costs and hassle associated with owning a thermal imager. Our thermal imaging cameras are delivered to your premises and come accurately calibrated.

View our range of thermal imagers available for rent now.

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