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Anritsu S332D Colour Sitemaster incl 3GHz Spectrum Analyser Anritsu S332D Colour Sitemaster incl 3GHz Spectrum Analyser ANR.S332D
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A spectrum analyzer refers to a device that is used for measuring of audio, sub-audio, optical, microwave and radio frequency signals. The analyzer works by displaying the amplitude of the signal as it continues to vary in frequency. The oscilloscope is often mistaken for a spectrum analyzer especially since there are some lab apparatus that can either be used as spectrum analyzers or oscilloscopes.

You need a spectrum analyzer to establish if a given transmitter is emitting healthy emissions. Any output that is a deviation from the pure emission is usually output as a vertical line. This output is referred to a pip. The analyzer will therefore help you know how many pips you emit and this will guide you in the corrective measures you need to take. The device will also reveal the bandwidth being used by the digital signal for purposes of network management.

Spectrum analyzers can either be bought or rented from a spectrum analyser rental service provider. The beauty of renting one is the variety you will have. A good spectrum analyser rental provider should allow you to choose from the portable models, the bench top models, as well as the hand held models. Apart from the variety of options, renting is also a cheaper option. You will save some money which you can then use for purchase of other important hardware for your business.

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