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CHK Gridsense PM30Plus 3-Phase Power Quality Analyser

Product code – CHK,PM30PLUS

The CHK PowerMonic 30 Power Quality Analyser has been replaced.
Please refer to CHK.PM40PQA

Weatherproof IP65 field unit that provides load-logging and fault finding through event capture. 3 isolated voltage and four current inputs. Supplied with 3 X 3000 Amp flexible CT's. Software for configuration and data analysis is provided (printed out or saved to spreadsheet files). The unit is powered from the red phase or a 3 pin plug. Can be configured to start on power up or at a predetermined time.

  • Channels 3 voltage, 63~440V (isolated), 4 current 0 to 3kA (3ph & neutral) RMS.
  • Supplied with 3 x flexible 3kA clamp-on CT's (flexible CT length 600mm & diameter 190mm).
  • In addition, clamp-on CT's of 100A and 200A are available.
  • Memory 4Mb.
  • Inbuilt 2 line LCD display.
  • Records V, A, pf, f(Hz), kVA, kVAr, kW, harmonics, Inter harmonics, voltage and current imbalance (THD and individual to 48th), total energy, tariffs, maximum demands, transient and sub-cycle disturbances.
  • Included software provides graphs and summaries to PC.
  • Download files while logging via RS232 interface.
  • A PC is required with the CHK PowerView software to configure this unit before operating.

CHK Gridsense PM30Plus 3-Phase Power Quality Analyser
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