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TA-Scope Balancing Instrument

Product code – TA.SCOPE

TA Scope is a balancing instrument to measure and document differential pressure, flow, temperature and power in hydronic systems. This item consists of 2 components; firstly the programmable handheld instrument and secondly the differential pressure sensor unit, which is placed near the pipes/valves to be measured. This unit is ideal for balancing when completing installations of new systems, trouble shooting existing systems and data logging to analyse ongoing system performance. Software supplied for PC installation and when parameters have been set this can be downloaded to the unit.

  • Total Pressure: max 2500 kPa
  • Differential Pressure: 0-1000 kPa, accuracy 0.2 kPa or 1% of reading, whichever is the highest
  • Temperature Range: -20 - 120C, accuracy <0.2C
  • Wireless or cable connection available between the 2 components
  • TA Select PC software supplied.
  • Battery Operated

TA-Scope Balancing Instrument

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