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Olympus Iplex GL 3.5m x 6mm Handheld Endoscope

Product code – OLY.IPLEX-GL 3.5-6

Olympus IPLEX G Lite 4 way articulating industrial endoscope with 3.5 meter probe. Integrated control unit and touch screen LCD monitor, with intuitive icons for menu control. Lightweight and portable this endoscope is designed to provide quick and easy inspections of difficult to reach areas. Images and/or video is stored to an SD card, for later download. Compliant to IP65. The insertion probe can be used underwater, up to 3.5m.

  • Insertion tube length: 3.5m
  • Tube Diameter: 6mm
  • Articulation: 4 Way, each 150°
  • Depth of view: 19+ mm
  • Field of view: 120°
  • 5x seamless digital zoom
  • 60fps for smooth video and still images
  • Lighting: multiple ultra-high intensity LED’s and high beam mode for extra-bright illumination
  • Insertion Tube Operating Temperature In Air: -25° to 100°C
  • Insertion Tube Operating Temperature In Water: 10° to 30°C
  • Battery powered, 90 min life. Spare battery and AC adaptor included

Olympus Iplex GL 3.5m x 6mm Handheld Endoscope
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