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Test and Measurement Equipment Rental – Why Buy When you can Rent?

Test and measurement equipment demands are many and varied, often you only need it for a short time, a specific project, a specific problem on-site or at a customer’s premises. And capital is scarce!

Our typical customer has technical staff who know exactly what they want to achieve, but not necessarily the precise test and measurement instruments needed to get the job done. Or they just don’t have access to the right equipment or technology. Our trained and experienced Application Engineers are available to assist in exactly those circumstances. When a customer describes their application and the goals they want to achieve, our Engineers, who know all the features, advantages and capabilities of each unit in our rental fleet, can recommend which instrument best suits their needs.

Another common scenario where renting makes sense involves Contractors. They undertake projects for customers, provide maintenance or repair services, troubleshoot, or want to extend the range of services offered to their clients. Contractors have access to our fleet of calibrated test and measurement equipment: they rent whatever they need, whenever they need it. And apart from the cost of renting test and measurement equipment, which they can pass on to their customers, it doesn’t cost them anything because they don’t own it. They can also provide their customers with the calibration certificate of the equipment, an increasingly demanded requirement when it comes to specialty test and measurement equipment these days.

Most equipment is rented on a short term basis, 30 days or less. But long-term rental of test and measurement equipment up to 36 months is increasingly becoming a viable option, for example with clients involved in larger projects. Companies rent cars, buildings, office equipment and more because they understand the benefits, be it cash-flow, immediate tax deduction, preserving capital, no disposal risk, no maintenance or calibration costs. Companies are starting to consider these benefits for their test and measurement equipment requirements.

TechRentals originally started in Australia, and the company has been offering test and measurement rental solutions in New Zealand since 1980. Originally owned by the Australian company, TechRentals NZ was sold in October 2009 and is now under local ownership. When ownership changed an exclusive distribution agreement for New Zealand with TechRentals Australia was negotiated, which means their vast range of rental equipment for testing and measurement remains available to our customers here in New Zealand.

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