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Hioki 8841 8 Analogue, 16 Channel Memory Recorder

Product code – HIO.8841

8 analogue, 16 logic (digital) channel memory recorder.

  • Memory 12 bits x 4 megawords/ch for 2 analog ch, to 1 megawords/ch for 8 ch
  • Analogue input channel ranges: 10mV to 50V per div, 10X div, 400VDC, 240V ACrms max
  • Sampling rate of 1 MS/s max
  • Functions: memory, real time record, rms, real time/memory, X-Y memory, FFT
  • Trigger functions: level, window in, window out, voltage drop, rms level, cycle, logic pattern trigger 1,0 or x (disregard). Logic probes required, optional
  • Measurement range 400 VDC, 240 VRMS, low pass filters 5 Hz, 500 Hz, 5 kHz, or 100k kHz
  • Input coupling: DC, GND, AC
  • Large 10.4 inch colour TFT display for settings and waveform display, wide thermal printer fitted
  • On screen help function
  • All settings and waveforms can be saved to memory card, waveforms can be saved as binary, text or bmp files

Hioki 8841 8 Analogue, 16 Channel Memory Recorder

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