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Yokogawa MV2020 Twenty Channel Data Logger

Product code – YEW.MV2020

Twenty Channel Data Logger that accepts a wide variety of inputs including thermocouples and RTD’s. 10.4” TFT colour display for setting up and graphical display of logged data.

  • DC voltage ranges: ±20mV to ±50V
  • Maximum sampling rate: 125ms
  • Thermocouples: J, K, T, R, S, B, E, N, W, L, U and WRe.
  • RTD’s: Pt100 and JPt100
  • Triggers include alarm, external contact, time and calculated data
  • 400MB internal memory, 2GB CF card
  • Detachable input terminals for easy wiring set-up
  • Supports data collection over ethernet networks
  • 2 USB ports: 1 for external flash drive, 1 for direct PC connection

Yokogawa MV2020 Twenty Channel Data Logger

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