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TSI 8371 Accubalance Balometer

Product code – TSI,8371

The TSI 8371 Accubalance Balometer has been replaced.
Please refer to Testo 420

Airflow hood 610 x 610mm. Measures air volume flowing through registers, diffusers, and grilles. Automatic conversion between actual and standard flows when user initially inputs temperature and barometric pressure, variable time constant modes available for a steady display when measuring fluctuating flows, K factor function enables flexibility for measuring a variety of diffusers, back-lit display is easy to read in poor lighting conditions.

  • Range is 15~1,000l/s, accuracy is ±5%
  • Temperature range is 0~60ºC
  • Sample and hold function displays reading of one sample

TSI 8371 Accubalance Balometer

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