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Vaisala DMP80 Dewpoint Meter

Product code – VAI,DMP80

High precision dew point meter and probe designed for use in extreme conditions including dew point down to -70°C, temperature down to -0° and pressure to 20Bar. The probe may be inserted directly into pressurized processes and it responds rapidly from ambient to process conditions. Typical industrial dew point applications include compressed air lines (using sampling cell), sealed units e.g. transformers, metal treatment, manufacturing processes as well as food and plastics drying.

  • DMP80B Probe Dew Point range: -70° ~ +60°C; Accuracy: ±2°C
  • Temperature range: 0° ~ +60°C; Accuracy: ±0.2 °C
  • Relative Humidity: 0-70% RH
  • Operating Temperature range: -10° ~ +60°C
  • Response Time: Dry (-70° to 0°C) 5 to 10 sec; Wet (0 to 60°C) 45 sec to 8 min
  • Logging capacity: up to 5.5m data points
  • Logging interval: 1s to 12h
  • Data can be logged and transferred to a PC via USB-C supplied
  • IP Rating: Meter IP40; Probe IP66
  • Battery Life: up to 10 hours
  • Sampling Cell DSC74 with Quick Connector and Leak Screw included

Vaisala DMP80 Dewpoint Meter
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