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Increasing Range of Test and Measuring Instruments for Rent

Customer requirements for test and measurement equipment for rent or hire vary significantly. Hence at TechRentals we carry a wide range of equipment and continually add to the fleet as requirements change or new technology becomes available.

We always try to encourage Customers to call us, when they have a need, as most new equipment is added based on Customer requirements. We may have just added the instrument or will add it for there is sufficient demand. Or through the wide experience of our Application Engineers we can often suggest alternatives. In one recent case a Customer was finishing a project and the equipment they were using failed. We purchased and imported a new item within 4 days. They were extremely impressed and met their deadlines!

With over 140 different models of test and measurement equipment for hire from TechRentals, covering a broad spectrum of applications, there are simply too many to describe. One area where we have an extensive offering is Electrical Power analysis equipment. An application area within this is energy auditing. Companies can make considerable savings from an audit, and over the last 24 months we invested significantly in equipment for this purpose. This includes the Hioki 3169 power quality analyser, specifically designed for energy audits, and several thermal imaging cameras. This is an ideal rental application as these assessments are carried out infrequently, and over a limited period. It makes no sense to tie up valuable capital in such circumstances.

We are also increasing the range of personal health and safety equipment available. Traditional areas we offered equipment for included noise, radiation, gas detection, lux measurement and environmental (temperature, humidity, air quality). Recently a full body vibration analysis instrument was taken by a Customer. Also we have added Heat Stress equipment, both a personal dose monitor and a portable monitor that assesses an areas heat stress potential.

All test and measurement rental equipment can be viewed on the our website, although we always encourage Customers to call to discuss their particular application. It’s ensuring the equipment meets the customers objectives, which is one of the key services we at TechRentals offer. And finally if we cannot offer it from our local inventory we have an exclusive New Zealand distribution agreement for the TechRentals Australia equipment range.

Call our Application Engineers on 0800 832 475 for fast, reliable service and advice