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Vibration Analysis Meters

Profound Geophone Mounting Plate Profound Geophone Mounting Plate PRO,VIBRA-MPLATE
Profound Vibra Cloud Vibration logger Profound Vibra Cloud Vibration logger PRO.VIBRA-CLOUD
Profound Vibra Ground Vibration Logger Profound Vibra Ground Vibration Logger PRO.VIBRA
Profound Vibra+ Ground Vibration Logger Profound Vibra+ Ground Vibration Logger PRO.VIBRA+
Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser RIO.VA12
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Vibration testing can be used for a number of applications including machinery, ground vibrations and also personal whole body vibrations.

Analysis of rotating machinery vibrations is a vital as part of any preventative maintenance schedule. It can provide a warning of impending problems, what the cause of the problem is, where the problem lies and the severity of the problem. Prevent costly breakdowns is the objective of regular vibration assessments. Some of the equipment available today does not require a vibration expert, tests can be completed by a Technician and then only call in the experts if a problem is identified.

Ground vibration measurement and analysis can be used to monitor vibrations caused by demolition work, traffic etc and their risks including those to buildings, people or other equipment. Alarms can be set to alert you if pre-set limits are breached.

Whole body vibration assessment units are available to measure the impact of vibration on a person. A typical application is the measurement of vibration in a truck/forklift seat (or similar) and assess the effects on a person who sits in this location. This may be necessary as part of your OH&S assessments.

We stock a range of vibrations testers from leading brands for both industrial and environmental applications. For expert help and advice on a product or particular job requirement, call our experienced Application Engineers.

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