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Leak Locators/Detectors

Trotec LD6000 Leak Detection Set Trotec LD6000 Leak Detection Set TRO.LD6000
UE Systems UP3000 Digital Ultrasonic Leak Detector UE Systems UP3000 Digital Ultrasonic Leak Detector UES.UP3000
Ultra Probe UP100KT Ultrasonic Leakage Detector Ultra Probe UP100KT Ultrasonic Leakage Detector ULT,UP100KT
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Water leaks can create a variety of problems for both businesses and homeowners since they are often responsible for damage to surrounding machinery and equipment, heightened electricity bills, increased water loss, and corrosion of the plumbing system. A leak detector can identify any issues within your system so they can be quickly resolved.

Fortunately, a rental leak detector can help to determine the extent of your problem by pinpointing any leaks that may exist within your plumbing system. This way, any necessary repairs can be completed, and any faulty equipment can be replaced, before it causes additional problems and damage and therefore additional expensive repairs.

Renting Vs. Purchasing Leak Detection Equipment

Choosing to rent a leak detector instead of purchasing your own expensive equipment can save you hundreds since it's only needed for short periods any generally one off events, not for ongoing usage. This way, you'll be able to spend much less on identifying the problem which allows you to focus on the actual repairs instead.

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