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Personal Safety Equipment – Light, Environment, Gas, Heat Stress, Radiation, Noise


Hioki Lux Digital Illuminance Meter

  • Accurate, reliable instrument measuring Lux in 5 ranges (0-20 through 0-200,000)
  • Delay function facilitates taking readings in very low light
  • Head can be separated for remote readings
  • Enables lighting checks to ensure Department of Labour guidelines are met
  • IANZ Calibration


Hioki Temperature and Humidity Loggers

  • Logs temperature -40° to 85°C and humidity 0 to 100%
  • Wide range of applications: place loggers at multiple points in an area eg. a warehouse or factory through to checking an oven has a consistent temperature throughout it

DustTrak Airborne Particle Monitor

  • Portable aerosol monitor that measures and logs total air particle concentrations
  • Detects potential problems with airborne contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes and mists
  • Used for spot measurements and also continuous unattended monitoring at preset recording intervals
  • Custom designed weatherproof environmental enclosure available for outside monitoring

Aeroqual Ozone Monitor

  • Portable ozone monitor suitable for indoor and outdoor air monitoring
  • Wide range of applications including personal exposure monitoring, health and safety compliance, indoor air quality testing, mapping outdoor ambient ground level ozone, process monitoring and source and leak detection
  • Also measures temperature and humidity
  • Logs data for later download


ISC Ventis Personal Gas Monitor

  • Designed for use in hazardous areas and confined spaces
  • Sampling pump option for pre-entry checks
  • Sensors detect; combustible gas (LEL), Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Alarms include; vibration, alarm, screen alerts and flashing lights
  • Comes as complete kit ready for immediate use

HalTech Formaldehyde Meter

  • Reads and displays the formaldehyde concentration in ppm to help establish potential risk
  • Commonly found in textiles, paper products and industries using resins
  • Logs readings for later download

Odalog NO2 & CO Area Monitor

  • Used for area air-quality measurement and/or personal monitoring
  • Configured for carbon monoxide [from petrol vehicles] and nitrogen dioxide [from diesel vehicles]
  • Ideal for areas such as car-parks, loading areas and related zones

TSI Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitor

  • Monitors temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • Also available unit that measures low concentration (ppb) VOC
  • Logs data with intervals of 1 second to 1 hour
  • Software included for analysis and reporting

Heat Stress

QUESTemp II Personal Heat Stress Monitor

  • Worn by the user to detect their physiological heat response to their work environment
  • Temperature range: 32° to 40°C
  • User-selected alarm trip points, audio alert when triggered
  • Minute by minute data logging. Download for permanent record


Bell 4190 Gauss/Tesla Meter

  • Detects magnetic field emissions in both commercial and domestic environments
  • Examples include from overhead AC power lines, video display terminals, office equipment, household appliances and electrical and electronic equipment

Radman Personal Radiation Monitor

  • Personal monitor and leakage detector for high frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Audible and visual alarm when pre-set levels triggered
  • Typically used to check radio antennas and cell phone towers


Casella 350 Noise Dose Meter

  • Measures personal workplace noise exposure (dB) against criteria established at the outset
  • Worn by the user, clipped or pinned to the shouder
  • Logs data, software included for downloading and reporting
  • Availabe as single unit or kit of 3

Rion NL-52EX Sound Level Meter

  • Ideal for spot metering of sound levels
  • Precision, hand-held portable unit
  • Measures decibel range 28 to 133dB
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